I was amazed by how little the world looked different over the 12 years. Whereas my childhood, if you start in the late ’60s and go to ’80, you have very different looks to the world. Clothing, hairstyles, cars look very different. It struck me, [in] my own little anthropological, sociological-whatever study of all this, [that] the 21st century wasn’t changing very rapidly in its look. It was only in technology.

About a boy - As his experimental coming-of-age saga Boyhood is re-released, filmmaker Richard Linklater reflects on the legacy of his childhood opus

I’ve marveled at the same thing: our visual culture (clothing, hairstyles, cars, etc) has been pretty much frozen for more than two decades. Whenever I bring it up though I usually get blank stares, pauses, polite shifts to a new topic of conversation. At least Linklater understands.

The full interview requires Apple News+, sorry. Some crumbs available here.

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