yahoo buying tumblr


alright well im pretty used to tumblr being pathetically misinformed/uninformed/panicking-about-things-without-realizing-what’s-actually-happening by this point but here we go

guys apparently tumblr needs some company to buy the website, because guess what? tumblr only has enough money to keep running for a few more months anyway. it has not made nearly enough money to break even what it costs to run. 

so tumblr would be shut down in a few months anyway, even if it weren’t being sold

x (this seems to be one of the more informed sites)

x (note that this one mentions the amateur porn and cat gifs)

x (this one talks almost exclusively about the porn and how its expensive bandwith wise)

guys. do some research before panicking and freaking out. 

signal boost or something to get this out, yes? 

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