If you feel the photograph is vaguely sexual — and I think many do, whether they’re willing to admit it or not — you’re dead wrong. If you extract the misguided sense that the kid is old enough to enjoy a breast as if it were a boob, suddenly all those unexplainable feelings about it being wrong or gross float out into the ether where they belong.

Jason Good: From Breasts to Boobs and Back Again.

"Women are already fighting enough battles over what they’re allowed to do with their bodies. Let’s not add another one."

This is fantastic. I was developing a critique of the knee-jerk reaction of all those who were all publicly reinforcing each others’ normalcy by expressing a shared revulsion at the “extremes” of attachment parenting, and I had figured out it had to do with sexualizing the scene, and that the picture worked because the child was a boy, but I hadn’t come up with anything as strong as this.

And yes, I’ve been trolled.

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