Be Not Content is a coming-of-age novel set in San Jose, California in the early Sixties—describing William Craddock’s experiences as a young acidhead. This is a hip, profound, and wonderfully-written book, a unique chronicle of the earliest days of the great psychedelic upheaval. Be Not Content is filled with warmth and empathy, tragic at times, and very funny in spots, a wastrel masterpiece where laughter plays counterpoint against the oboes of doom. A mystical underground masterpiece that’s been unobtainable for years.”

UNTIL NOW! Rudy Rucker’s Transreal Books has released Be Not Content as an ebook.

My most painful memory, aside from every time I ever hurt you, is of letting go of my used copy of this book. I had a hunch it was an important book but otherwise I didn’t know anything about it.

Now I will finally read it.

randomWalks @randomWalks