If you love hip-hop, or even are interested in music history, find some time to watch this great documentary. This is the Life - How The West Was Won is about The Good Life which was the legendary cafe where so many LA rappers got their start in the 90’s. Most folks know about Freestyle Fellowship and Project Blowed and some of the folks who went on to mass commercial success, but you can see so much more of what was happening in this documentary.

Medusa and SIN. Fat Joe getting booed off the stage. Ganja K. Cut Chemist. 2Mex. Charli 2Na. Amazing, magical stuff happening in a tiny little grocery store in South Central.

(Aceyalone is in my top 5 best emcees of all time, and he isn’t in this very much, but there are some scenes of him freestyling in the parking lot that are pretty amazing.)

randomWalks @randomWalks