Welcome to the new web

Nils Dagsson Moskopp: WHATWG on Google+

Welcome to the new web, a web without RSS or ATOM feeds. A web you cannot easily read without JavaScript because somewhere in the page header there is a “<style> body { visibility: hidden; } ” later getting unset by a script that the platform owners want you to run.

A web where re-sharing of content is limited by the platform, not by the capabilities of your client. A web where you cannot comment on an article unless registering in a corporate namespace (which kicked you out if you happened to choose a name they do not particularly like).

A web that lies – about content not existing, giving error 404 when you have no authorization instead of informing you correctly (just try https://plus.google.com/115888683480056819656/posts/XrcLaUMViJP).

My Dad called to tell me my site was blank. It was, because I hadn’t properly escaped the script tags in this piece about how sites like Facebook and Google Plus are breaking the web. Ironic, don’t you think?

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