dragging ourselves through the gentrified streets at dawn searching for a wireless signal

I made a modest amount of money telling old media companies how they should approach the web, then a similar amount of money hanging around while they didn't do it.

I spent days at a time sitting at home alone, getting high or drunk, playing videogames, watching television, ordering delivery falafel, and wasting time on the internet.

I shared some ketamine with a lesbian who proceeded to get up from my bed, vomit into my sink, and then pass out. I scooped the thick vomit from my sink to my toilet with my bare hands. Hours later, after I passed out, I woke to find her playing with my genitals. She told me the next morning that she'd "had a nice time."

The End of the 00s: Made in New York, by Joel Johnson | The Awl

"dirty and nerdy", "Joel Johnson's '00s look-back for the Awl is the white hot core of narcissistic, wasted-decade hedonism".

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