race people convo

bexns: what do you think of http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.wordpress.com/?
its getting a lot of press

me: i wasn’t really impressed

bexns: why is it all over then?
i was telling d about blackpeopleloveus
which i thought was hilariuous

me: yeah that was totally awesome

me: it’s all over because it’s by white people for white people and it doesn’t challenge them on race

bexns: so white people trying to make fun of themselves?

me: it’s a celebration of whiteness pretending that it’s a critique of whiteness

bexns: interesting
so why so much press?

me: i have seen it linked but haven’t really read what people are saying about it, so i don’t know.
probably because it’s so safe

bexns: http://www.thinkunique.net/stuffasianpeoplelike/
latoya peterson wrote about both sites

me: “white” has become a signifier of a post-racial consciousness, so white people are happy for a chance to use it without actually engaging anything substantive

bexns: totally on point d
like all those hipsters calling themselves white and embracing the fact they’re white, while not doing anything beyond that

me: right, as if to acknowledge one’s whiteness is sufficient

bexns: yes exactly
these are the same poeple who call themselves uber liberal too

me: yeah. dude do you mind if i blog this convo

bexns is typing…

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