what is this hippie shit? I don't get it.

I was at a party in Richmond, Virginia, trying to figure out how to get drunk when this guy (who wouldn’t touch liquor because it upset his stomach) took me aside and started describing a book he was reading by the guy who wrote Brave New World as I would recall for the next 8 years during which I occasionally attempted a futile Google. At Powell’s on my honeymoon I discovered over a dozen books I’d never known Aldous Huxley had written, but nothing about a world in which certain souls are fingered like Jedi to spend their lives studying the most peculiar game you’ve ever tried to describe. Of course Huxley never wrote such a book; the book was Herman Hesse’s Magister Ludi and the game was the Glass Bead Game. Have you read it? U: Don’t know why that link is dead, but the same article is posted here.

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