how we are using Movable Type

randomWalks is a (non-commercial) group weblog. The site is actually assembled using three weblogs in Movable Type: the main weblog, Flux the miniblog, and the tagline (“I can no longer shop happily”) blog. At least 27 authors have access to the various randomWalks blogs. Only about six of those post regularly, but another ten post often enough to be considered active authors. In addition to the three randomWalks blogs, our Movable Type installation supports six other weblogs including four personal weblogs kept by editors and friends of randomWalks: blue period., dru blood, gargoyle drumming, and zagg, and two (non-commercial) member projects which are rather idiosyncratic and difficult to describe. These other six blogs have some overlapping authorship with the randomWalks blogs and also account for about another half dozen active authors in the system. We have four other defunct weblogs in the system, and a total of 53 author accounts. All told our installation is used by 9 weblogs and about 22 authors. U: Make that seven “active” weblogs and 22 authors. cf. Six Log: How are you using the tool?

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