we're all wearing the blue dress now

Once the war began, I was driving to work and listening to Sean Hannity tell me what an asshole I was for not supporting it when I saw a sign hanging from a tree that said "Remind Me: "What did the people of Baghdad have to do with 9/11?", or something very close to that. (If anyone has a picture of this sign, PLEASE send it to me.) This was precisely how I felt about the war, (or rather, the bombing campaign.) I couldn't help thinking how, out of all the messages, images and "information" I'd been receiving in the media, the one that rang most true for me was a hand-painted sign on the freeway. And then it finally dawned on me: out of all the news, commentary and "information" being fed to me about the war, that sign was the only thing that had been generated by an individual, and not a corporation.
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