GWB will get re-elected over our dead bodies

Abraham Lincoln went to Gettysburg to consecrate that ground, and to give the horrible carnage of that battle meaning--to provide a sacred purpose for America. Can you imagine Lincoln going back to that battlefield, setting up a Chautauqua Tent and using that ground to re-nominate himself in 1864? Can you imagine Franklin Roosevelt giving a fireside chat on Normandy Beach, as a way to insure his re-election in 1944? Americans died here, people. They didn't die so that George Bush would have a swell place to rally the faithful for four more years of Middle East wars, swelling deficits, tax cuts for billionaire campaign contributors, and environmental plunder.
Counterpunch: See You in New York. "They have decided to push back the date of the Republican National Convention in New York City to the first week of September. I'd like to see a million Americans with signs outside the convention. I want all those signs to say the same thing: Over Our Dead Bodies."
randomWalks @randomWalks