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In one of Ram Dass' books, don't remember which, he told a story about his guru, Neem Karoli Baba, aka Maharaji. Ram Dass tried many times to give LSD to Maharaji. Nothing ever happenned. But he had some doubt that the old man was really swallowing the tabs. So the next time Ram Dass gave a tab to Maharaji, the guru made a show of placing it on his tongue and carefully swallowing. A short while later, Maharaji went wild, started acting crazy. Ram Dass was thinking, "What have I done to this poor old man?" Maharaji came immediately back to his senses and told Ram Dass, "They knew about this stuff a thousand years ago. If you take it in a meditative mood, you can visit Jesus. But after two hours, you have to come back. Wouldn't it be better to BE Jesus?"
I'm shrooming today. "Have you got anything stronger?".

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