speaking of role-playing games

And there it sat for over a decade ...

Until I received several pieces of email recently, the combined gist of which is that there are rumors abounding on the Net and the Web about a last episode of the show, either scripted and never produced, or produced and never aired, in which we learn that the kids actually died on the rollercoaster that supposedly took them into the Realm, and that they are, in fact, imprisoned in Hell and being tormented with a complex fantasy (as if just being in Hell wouldn't be torment enough) by the Devil masquerading as Dungeon Master, and do I have any words to share with the masses about this issue?
I just about jumped when I discovered this unproduced script for the last episode of the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon. Speaking of role-playing games, wouldn't the world of Norton Juster's The Phantom Tollbooth be a great place to role-play? But did you ever hear those rumors? I didn't.
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