NPR's outrageous miscoverage of the DC peace march

BRAND: Was the crowd as large as expected?

MARSHALL: It was not as large as the organizers of the protest had predicted. They had said there would be 100,000 people here. I'd say there are fewer than 10,000. However, they did accomplish their goal of actually marching around the White House in one continuous stream of people. It is a little bit thin in some areas, but nonetheless, they have marched around the White House.
Nancy Marshall 'reported' for NPR on the march in DC on Saturday, and her crowd estimate appears to be a complete fabrication. I'd like to allow for the possibility that she's honestly mistaken, but -- well, she can't be. No one who was present, left right or center, would put the crowd at only ten thousand -- and certainly no ethical journalist would include such an outrageous figure in their work.

I'm not convinced that NPR needs to fire Nancy Marshall as this online petition demands, but NPR needs to address this publicly and immediately.
randomWalks @randomWalks