Here's a rundown of the

Here's a rundown of the extra scenes:

  • Bilbo's journal, "Concerning Hobbits": A brief introduction to the history of Hobbits, which comes after the introductory prologue about the creation of the ring.
  • The introduction of Samwise Gamgee ( Sean Astin)--a scene that had showed him doing his gardening work.
  • More footage from the Green Dragon Inn, with Merry and Pippin singing Hobbit songs.
  • Sam and Frodo ( Elijah Wood) on the road to Bree, during which they see an exodus of elves.
  • Aragon song: Viggo Mortensen singing an Elvish song foreshadowing his relationship with Arwen ( Liv Tyler).
  • Aragorn in Rivendell at the site of his mother's grave.
  • An extended scene in which the Fellowship leave Rivendell.
  • New scenes, pre-battle, from the Mines of Moria, which explain the history of the mines.
  • Cate Blanchett's character giving a special gift to each member of the Fellowship before they depart.
  • Thirty more seconds of footage from the film's climactic battle scene.
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