did blacks love Bill Clinton?

Salon.com interview: Bill Clinton and Black America

My initial thought was, It can’t sit well with African-Americans to call any white man, a black man. But you note that it was tongue-in-cheek, right?

It certainly was tongue-in-cheek on Toni Morrison’s part. Anyone who reads the totality of what she said clearly understands that she’s painting a picture. But I think that in many ways it diminished what Clinton did to suggest that he is black. Because if you’re black and you did those things, now you begin to argue, “Man, you could have done more than that [for us], brother.” But the fact that he is white and did that much is quite remarkable.

Why do you think white people might wrinkle up their noses at the idea?

Largely because they don’t understand the history of the relationship between African-Americans and the 41 white men who have encumbered the Oval Office.

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