The Bomb With A Loaded

The Bomb With A Loaded Message (

“Is taking the picture down the right response?” asks Cathy Renna, GLAAD’s New York spokeswoman. “I actually want the picture to run, but with context. It gets to something we need to discuss, which is that it’s okay to be in the Navy and to write ‘fag’ on a bomb and drop it on a terrorist. That word is still okay with some people, and these are the kinds of things you might see if you happened to be gay and were serving in the military. It exemplifies every single reason why our work is as relevant as it was on September 10."
Despite the headline, this article doesn’t limit itself to the chalk scrawl and looks broadly at the impact the 9-11 attack had on gays. Unfortunately the Post didn’t bother to put the controversial AP photo online; you can see a photo of the HIGH JACK THIS FAGS bomb at the glaad website.

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