Owen Briggs' marvelous Box Lessons

Owen Briggs' marvelous Box Lessons are helping me fix a cross-platform layout problem that has been bothering me for months. The exact bug was identified and solved with help from glish’s CSS hacks and, ultimately, Tantek Celik’s box model hack. (Add a link to CSS resources at the Web Standards Project and you now have access to the sum of all human knowledge on the CSS box model.) So I think I’ve finally solved the issue with the sidebar taking on various widths between IE5/Mac and the IEs on Windows, causing that gutter over there to grow and shrink. Unfortunately, there’s been this stupid horizontal scroll bar appearing under IE5/Mac lately – and come to think of it, I’m afraid I might be introducing it to Windows with this latest solution. In any case, if you are seeing something unusual (or … usual) and want to comment on the layout, please [reply].

randomWalks @randomWalks