In my own English Department

In my own English Department at George Mason University, when the radicals wanted to create a program to push Marxist propaganda under the heading "Cultural Studies," the internal memo describing this new offering had this wonderful defining paragraph:
Cultural Studies can be understood as the working title for an assemblage of theoretical approaches that are often interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary but also anti-disciplinary. Such work focuses on the analysis and critique of culturally constituted cultural forms and practices and on historically constituted social identities and agencies in the context of their imbrication with the asymmetrical relations of power that permeate the production and reproduction of the economic, political, and ideological dimensions of specific societies.
I love that opening: "can be understood." By whom?
In "Empowering or Cowering", David R. Williams would seem to be grinding several axes at once. Let's hope he doesn't slip.
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