A panel of four Williams

A panel of four Williams College professors urged restraint in the so-called war on terrorism Monday, with one of them calling upon America to bomb Afghanistan not with explosives but with food and medical supplies.

Anthropology professor David Edwards, speaking during a public forum at Chapin Hall, said airlifts similar to those provided to West Berlin by the United States and Britain in 1948 and 1949 could prove a public relations coup and an unexpected blow to terrorist Osama bin Ladin, in a country wracked by starvation, civil war and oppression.

"Bin Laden expects us to strike with military force. It's what he's prepared for. In dealing with terrorism, you have to do the unexpected," said Edwards, an expert on Afghanistan who was joined on the panel by political science professors Marc Lynch, Gary Jacobsohn and James McAllister.
Professor: Drop food, not bombs, Berkshire Eagle. What a great headline. The Tower Records near my work is clearing out their books and last week I picked up a book on the history and practice of Food Not Bombs which includes recipes and explains how to start a local chapter. Thanks to Marty of Wordforge for the quote and link. Along similar lines, Dori Smith wrote: "Someone on a mail list I'm on said today that, from his perspective, the best outcome for this whole tragedy would come from dropping several million Real Goods catalogs on Afghanistan, each with a gift certificate attached. Think about it: it's a whole lot cheaper, a whole lot more targeted, and a whole lot more likely to bring about a positive result."
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