Three Arab-Americans from Utah have

Three Arab-Americans from Utah have been kicked off a flight from Minneapolis because the other passengers refused to fly with them.
Arab-Americans kicked off NWA flight,
"After a few minutes," he recalled later, "the pilot came up to me. . . . He told me that he's not safe with me flying to Dallas."
"What do you have against me?" the incredulous passenger asked.
"He just said, 'I'm not going to take you. Myself and my crew are not safe flying with you. They don't feel safe.' "
Arab Americans Enduring Hard Stares of Other Fliers,

Here's an idea: if you are not comfortable flying on a plane carrying people with darker skin than you, get off the damn plane! Watch this stuff closely, because it's a good introduction to the institutional expression of racism in which a few cowardly bigots can invoke an entire security apparatus to allay their fears, civil rights notwithstanding.
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