i am about to go

united states flagi am about to go buy a flag to put in front of my parent's house so that you don't think that my family is anti american. we are very american, we love being here in america, we love everything american, it's people, it's land, it's culture (s), it's freedom, it's wide variety of choices for professions, everything about it. we loved it before we came here, and learned to love it more after coming here. but i am getting the flag merely to keep people wanting to hurt my family, from questioning how american they are, because they look different. having the flag does not make me love america more, it just means that i have a flag in front of my house. -- MetaFilter post
I wish the flag didn't scare me. I wish that every time I saw the flag I could be secure in the assumption that the person who hung it values freedom of religion and the presumption of innocence as much as I do. I wish seeing this flag everywhere didn't make me profoundly uncomfortable whenever I leave the house. I feel like it must show, like you can see in my eyes that I don't want war the way we are being told with pictures and polls that we want war.
randomWalks @randomWalks