When you finish reading this

When you finish reading this paragraph, do not move your head, and just let your eyes wander around and count how many logos or ads you can see without moving a muscle. Notice the logo that's no doubt stuck on your computer monitor. Look at your mouse, your mousepad, your modem, any pens that may be around, books, yo-yos, the odd do-dads you may have on top of your monitor.

If you haven't started trying to cut down on your advertising memes, I wouldn't be surprised if you found around 15 logos trying to sell themselves to you. I suggest you try this experiement in a couple rooms in your home, perhaps while you're taking a shower, or first thing in the morning when you've woken up, but not gotten out of bed yet. If you're a run-of-the-mill American, I think you'll be shocked to see how many logos are creeping their way into your subconscious as you lounge around the house.
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