I’ve got to stop now.

I’ve got to stop now. We should be safe if we can make our way back to where we’re stayiing. Call the Italian Embassy. Go there, shame them! We may not be able to mount another demonstration tomorrow here if the situation stays this dangerous. Please, do something!
Agents of the Italian government beat a bunch of sleeping dissidents bloody yesterday in the defense of my access to cheap consumer goods. I believe that if they could simply beat a few dozen people bloody to prevent this firsthand account of the Genoa IMC raid from reaching my eyes, they would not hesitate to do so.

See also an account of the day before in Genoa:

A whole lot of people have been badly hurt, people who clearly and unmistakably are not rock throwing, streetfighting youth, people who believed they were going to be in a peaceful and reasonably safe place. Lisa and I had done a training for the women, trying to give them some sense of what they might face on the streets from our experience in other actions. But there’s no real way to prepare for a cop beating a peaceful, non-aggressive, midde-aged woman on the head.
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