By any measure, Prince George's

By any measure, Prince George's County Maryland police have shot and killed people at rates that exceed those of nearly any other large police force in the nation.

In 1995, police shot and wounded a man who allegedly tried to run over an officer with a Chevy Blazer. A jury acquitted the man of assault after he and other witnesses testified that the vehicle was not moving and that he had raised his hands to surrender when he was shot.

In 1997, police said they shot and killed a distraught college student because he attacked them with a knife. When his family sued years later, the officers admitted under oath that the dead man never touched the alleged weapon — which turned out to be a butter knife sitting on a kitchen counter.

In 1998, two officers said they fatally shot a Landover teenager in self-defense after he tried to grab their guns. In fact, records indicate he was shot 13 times in the back while he was unconscious and lying facedown on the floor. Police Shootings. This same-old story ought to earn the Post a Pulitzer.
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