There's this ugly tendency just

There's this ugly tendency just now for white heterosexual males to get all resentful and self-pitying, to whine about how they are supposedly being discriminated against, and consequently to vote Republican. It's high time we got rid of all that Michael Douglas-style backlash, and all that Woody Allen or Robert Bly 'sensitive man' horseshit as well. I'm not looking to define some new model of straight masculinity; I'm suggesting that we abolish such role models altogether. Make your life a work of art instead, as Oscar Wilde and Michel Foucault both recommend; try to be as singular and eccentric as free of models, as possible.
From an interview with Steve Shaviro, professor of Film, Culture, and English at the University of Washington. His "theoretical fiction about postmodernism" Doom Patrols can be read online.
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