The image below is a

The image below is a finger labyrinth. You can "walk" it on screen with your finger or mouse. Print it for later use. Tracing the path in the labyrinth can be relaxing. It also can be balancing as you journey back and forth to the center. Repeat several times in succession to get the most benefit. Try it with your non-dominant hand for more of a challenge. It will help you to give up control and break out of your routine response pattern.
finger labyrinth
An article in today's Post about a recently-built labyrinth at a Maryland hospice worker retreat reminded me that I'd like to walk a labyrinth sometime. I don't have any particular expectations of the experience, but I am deeply interested in the value of rituals, and this one apparently dates back thousands of years, spanning many cultures and religions. The Labyrinth Society maintains a directory of labyrinths which are open to the public.
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