I hope you'll consider participating

I hope you’ll consider participating in the “Roll Your Own” Blackout tonight. Just shut off all the lights and appliances that you (reasonably and safely) can between seven and ten p.m. your time. According to the Q and A, “your darkened house, and the utilities' lower demand figures, will signify your vote of ‘no confidence’ in the energy policies now coming from Washington.” Realistically, it’s unlikely that the power companies will even register the action, but I like the idea for two reasons. One, it will be a nice moment of political solidarity with like-minded folk across the country. And two, (two even works for those who aren’t turned on by the ideology) this is an opportunity to get a new perspective on my relationship with electricity – not to mention with our sun, Sol. This is his day, after all.

randomWalks @randomWalks