Suppose the Earth is all

Suppose the Earth is all one big single living organism, with all the elements of it connected like cells in a body. Suppose the goal of evolution is to link up individual human minds, bringing an explosion of intelligence and even global consciousness to this mammoth being.
Now suppose the above quote leads into a Washington Post article on ... bird watching? Apparently this guy, and by "guy" I mean French Jesuit Scientist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, proposed this notion back in 1940 but it was hard to take seriously for a lot of people for a long time until the Internet appeared and here and there folks began to say "wait a minute" and now you get folks like John Perry Barlow, erstwhile Grateful Dead lyricist and founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, suggesting that worldwide changes in human development, agriculture and preservation in response to real-time bird observations resulting in a virtuous circle of renewed habitats and rejuvenated populations reflect the beginnings of a global consciousness evidenced by "large-scale interaction between the greater 'us' and the greater 'them'". Don't look at me. Is that a sparrow?
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