I am trying to use

I'm Changing the Climate -- ask me how!

I am trying to use ridicule and social embarrassment to change the habits of the American consumer. Increasing publicity will turn the SUV from a status trinket to the badge of shame that it is. In the old days society had a pillory to shame people out of anti-social behavior. Today we have the mighty bumper sticker.


  1. I only tag the big ones. I tag in the affluent suburbs where they never get dirty or use the 4 wheel drive.

    2. I don’t tag commercial vehicles like contractors or any business affiliated vehicle.

    3. I don’t retag vehicles that I recognize as already tagged

    4. I only tag late model vehicles, not some beat up old Suburban some poor soul has inherited.

    5. I don’t tag just because it’s a four-wheel drive vehicle. Only the types that never use ‘em (soccer mom’s etc.).

    That leaves 85%.
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