Do black residents of (wealthy)

Do black residents of (wealthy) Scarsdale get abused by the police? No. When people have economic power in a community, they get their calls returned.
I'm disappointed but not surprised by Nader's take on racial injustice. It's apparent that though his heart is in the right place, he just doesn't get it. Wealthy black residents of Scarsdale may wield economic power in their own community, but when they drive the New Jersey Turnpike or walk the streets of NYC or step into a shopping mall or do any of a zillion other everyday things, race trumps class and they become Black people first. Nobody asks about the size of your bank account before they peg you as a dark-skinned criminal. Many don't even look at your shoes. God forbid you should dress down in jeans or athletic gear. Ralph, racism is more than just a by-product of class division -- it's a tool white people use to perpetuate the class structure. thanks, considered harmful.
randomWalks @randomWalks