George W. Bush just started

George W. Bush just started campaigning under the banner of a new slogan, "Real Plans for Real People," the WP notes. Today's Papers can't help but notice the similarity to the Beef Council's old slogan, "Real Food for Real People." If the new Bush catchphrase doesn't work out, TP has a recommendation for another meat-inspired one: "Bush: The Other White Candidate."
Usually when Scott Shuger's away, Slate's today's papers is a bit of a disappointment, but Chris Suellentrop penned a fun edition on Saturday titled United Nations College Fund. The most interesting story mentioned is the Washington Post's Calif. to Pay College Tuition for Neediest about a plan to send anyone in CA with at least a B average who belongs to a family of four earning $64,000 or less to college on a full scholarship, a plan I like very much. Apparently, California -- the most populous state -- is able to do this because of a $12 billion budget surplus.
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