You could have filmed ''Survivor''

You could have filmed ''Survivor'' for 400 years if it had been African-Americans, from slave ships to plantations to lynchings to shootings in housing projects to police brutality. Forget about promoting products. How about exclusive CBS footage of black folks being shafted for promotions?

Latinos must be scratching their heads, too. How come the cameras at the border were not from CBS but from the INS? Haitians did not get a million dollars trying to flee to Florida from a military coup. They got the baking heat of asphalt at Guantanamo Bay. And do not forget the Golden Venture, the decrepit ship that in 1993 spit 286 emaciated Chinese immigrants out into rough waters off Queens after 100 squalid days at sea. Ten immigrants died trying to swim to shore. The United States detained many of them for more than three years and sent 170 of them back to China. None of them ''Got Milk.''
Derrick Z. Jackson declares Survivor "A Sham Of A Show".
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