Naked women are a very

Naked women are a very much liked and classic sujet in many ad-campaigns. Using the same simple means we are trying for general irritation. These women though are doing it free will, for no money at all, using here feminine self confidence. So it could not fall into any sexist, mysoginist field. Nakedness could be seen as very old revolutionary tradition (Delacroix's "freedom" leads the people up to the Hippierevolution of 68), it's an elementary form of protest. Our work had to happen very spontaneously and quickly. It's aim was to point at the once more crucial state of Austria's politics. We want to let everyone know with our breasts and faces, that discrimination of any kind is very much part of Austria's everday life. We wanted to show our faces, we didn't want it to be an anonymous action. We don't need to hide,we are saying no to the momentary situation with all the confidence there is.
tits against racism!
randomWalks @randomWalks