It takes you to another

It takes you to another time, and to a frightening, alien land, windswept and gray, dying in quiet obedience to insane decrees of insane leaders. Its authors took the time and space to tell their tale in its every moment, often devoting many pages to scenes that wouldn't last three panels in a monthly American superhero comic book. We come to know the players, large and small, as we meet them, as they reveal themselves to us. Koike and Kojima tell their story masterfully and artfully, portraying a man, a boy, and a country on their journey into Hell.
About 1/3 of the incredible Japanese comic Lone Wolf and Cub was published in English in 1987, and I was blown away by its stark beauty and powerful story. Beginning this month (Aug 30), Dark Horse Comics will release a monthly series of trade paperbacks collecting the entire story in 28 volumes of about 300 pages each. I'm going to need a new bookshelf.
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