I walked up to the

I walked up to the driver's side of the car, to the driver's window, and I said, "May I help you?" The car was a dark colored big suburban, I think it was 4-door. There was a lady driving. She asked me if we, meaning Whitmore's [landscaping company], had put up a fence and I told her no. At that point she staretd to get extremely angry and she called me a "Fucking liar". She asked, "Who put up the fence?" and I said that I didn't know. She then started yelling, "All you Whitmore guys are fucking liars, you're all no good, the bunch of you". She was just screaming at me and yelling that "you and all your fucking illegal aliens are no good". She said she was going to call the police. I said go ahead. The whole time she was yelling at me, I said, "This is not really necessary to be talking like this and don't talk about my guys like that." I kept telling her, "I'm sorry there is nothing I can do about it". She said, "Don't you leave, I'm calling the police and you're going to take that fence down." At this point, she picked up her car phone. Right around that point, I realized that this person was Martha Stewart, who has a house next door. I recognized her from TV.
That's not all -- it gets better when Martha Stewart tries to crush this guy with her truck. thanks, boing boing.
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