I'm afraid I can't see

I'm afraid I can't see much difference between Spielberg's serious movie and his boy's book movies. Schindler's List depends on Spielberg's inflatable, one-size-fits-all myth about how a clever, resourceful character can outsmart a system. Is that what the meaning of the Holocaust boils down to--Indiana Schindler versus the Gestapo of Doom? ... How about a movie that deeply, compassionately entered into the German point of view in order to reveal how regular people with wives and children could be drawn into committing such horrors? How about a movie that showed that, at least potentially, we are them? A film that didn't locate the bad guys in an emotional galaxy far away?
Ray Carney, film critic and professor at Boston University, says that dozens of great films have been made in recent years, and chances are you haven't heard of a single one.
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