LARS ULRICH: I think that

LARS ULRICH: I think that most of what you're saying deals with the record company being these money hungry, greedy, blah blah blah. Remember one thing: I can guarantee you that there's nobody at Napster who is doing as a charitable event for all of mankind. There are investors behind Napster, and there are people sitting and counting the days until Napster puts out an initial public offering, and they'll make millions of dollars in return for their worth.
CHUCK D: It's always been about the shadow of technology hanging over the entertainment industry anyway. And it's definitely been about two different worlds--
LARS ULRICH: Right. And there's millions of dollars involved in Napster in the same way that there are millions of dollars in your evil music business. I think it's like, if the record company bosses don't take the money, then the Internet people are going to take it. Somebody's going to profit off it, and if it's not the artist, then you're profiting illegally. It's bulletproof--who can argue with that?
I wish I'd seen this episode of The Charlie Rose Show -- Lars Ulrich made some interesting, though unconvincing, points. Now if only Metallica would get around to answering these questions from slashdot, maybe we could keep the cluetrain rolling. thanks,
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