Romans did not consider male

Romans did not consider male genitalia obscene or pornographic, or even particularly arousing. Instead, erect penises were regarded as a good-luck charm. Painted or sculpted, they stood in every part of the town, and measured all possible lengths, from four feet downwards. They appeared on shops, factories and taverns, above the doors of houses, on statues adorning fountains, gardens and private houses, on lamps, tripods, necklaces, bracelets. Several comic depictions show men - and, on occasion, gods - with grotesquely enlarged penises. In one case, a gladiator is pictured in apparent mortal combat with his own penis.
It's funny, the things you don't remember from 4th grade social studies. Closed to the public for 200 years, the "secret room" of the National Archaeological Museum in Naples is now welcoming visitors. thanks, flutterby.
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