Standing in the middle of

Standing in the middle of a six-lane street with his arms spread, Miremont somehow managed to convince three lanes of traffic to stop, while coercing another crew member to stop the opposing three. The shut-down was mounted five times over a two-hour period, and Meza, used to getting stopped by LAPD on an irregular basis, was sure he would go to jail that day. But with all the blessings heaven could spare, a patrol car never even cruised by, not even when traffic was flowing smoothly. With traffic stopped, Ron (Garcia, who played Leonard) would drive out onto Colorado, speed through a red light into the intersection for certain shots, or come to a complete stop in front of a green light...Why no one called the police is a mystery.
From the presskit for "Staccato Purr of the Exhaust", an independent film. thanks, looka!
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