Mount Mayon is erupting in

Mount Mayon is erupting in the Philippines. I want to learn to maintain a sense of awe and respect for the natural world—after all, humans are really pretty powerless in a lot of ways, though many societies go to great lengths to insulate themselves from that truth. What has Mount Mayon been up to lately?

“Feb 22 - Fresh magma is slowly but steadily ascending in Mayon’s plumbing system."
“Feb 24 - The volcano erupted and superheated ash rained seven miles away. Lava with temperatures that reached well above 1,000 degrees cascaded 3 1/2 miles down the volcano’s slopes at 50 mph.” - Volcano World

“Feb 28 - the build up of magma is continuing to push its way up to the crater. He said that boulders as big as cars were being shot 1,640 feet into the sky.” - Discovery Earth Alert

“The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology said there were strong indications that the volcano will remain active over the next few weeks. Ernesto Corpuz, head of the institute’s eruption prediction division, said: ‘This is not yet the big one.'” - BBC News

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