"I really got up this

“I really got up this morning and fried an egg for my daughter and myself. There is another world where my daughter and I had cereal. The cereal world is in the wave function of the universe, but it’s not real in the sense that any information I’m going to get will falsify the hypothesis. All the information says we had eggs. Look at my cholesterol level!” Dr. Seth Lloyd tells the New York Times why Schrodinger’s cat is either dead or alive, but not both. A recent experiment has shed light upon how an atom in a quantum state (existing in all possible states simultaneously) decoheres into one particular position. It seems to me that mystical traditions and this branch of physics have a lot to learn from each other; many of the supernatural powers attributed to yogis, buddhas, and christs would seem almost unremarkable in light of this new understanding of the universe. It also seems to me that ‘the wave function of the universe’ is just one of the nine billion names of God.

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