POTATOLAND: who watches the watchmen?. This site is one of the few that really pushes the limits of the web. I came across their Digital Landfill a long long time ago, and more recently was pointed to their new Shredder, maybe by Eatonweb? Rob Malda of slashdot fame wrote a CGI that generates a poem based on an URL. Mark Martin is facilitating collaborative art at his site, including a version of Exquisite Corpse. Anyway, I spent quite a bit of time looking for more neat web tricks, but most of the things I found just aren’t too very interesting. If you have n’t, spend a little time watching other people’s searches at Metaspy or Webcrawler – it’s a unique experience. I do enjoy Meta-HTML’s Zippy Active Filterpolitics will never be the same! Of course, here are the obligatory shredded randomWalks and randomWalks poem links. Wow, as I was gathering these links, I stumbled across this great interactive collage toy. Maybe there is good stuff out there, and I’m just not looking hard enough.

randomWalks @randomWalks