Opt Out of DoubleClick

Opt Out of DoubleClick: shudder to think. Double Click, a banner ad server, has been tracking Web users by name and address. For what it’s worth (which may not be much) I strongly suggest that you follow the link above and select to opt out of this tracking, if you’re not already taking stronger measures such as filtering/blocking all ad banners and cookies with something like Junkbusters proxy software (the Junkbusters site is also a great resource for dealing with all kinds of unwanted commercial intrusion into your life). The only filtering software I know of for Mac is WebFree which hasn’t been updated in over two years. An instance of NPR’s Talk of the Nation looks at the issue of online profiling for those who would like more information. The Center for Democracy and Technology has a site devoted to opting out, with links to more online opt outs and a tool for generating opt out letters to banks, phone solicitors, and direct marketers – this is a great resource. Did you know that you can tell a telemarketer to “put me on your no-call list” and they are obligated to stop calling for 10 years… that’s what I heard anyway. It’s certainly worth a try next time Citibank tries to get you to pay for the fraud protection that they already provide at no charge by law.

randomWalks @randomWalks