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September 27, 2009

hello, world

News Desk : The New Yorker

Do the marches on the streets of Pittsburgh belong in a time capsule of the past (protesters compared the police response to Kent State, though this time no one was shot or died), the present (this is what happens at G-anything conferences these days) or the future (police used a “sonic weapon” to disperse the crowd)? There was a glimpse, too, of crises yet to come, with Obama and other leaders responding to the news that Iran was building what the I.A.E.A. called a “semi-industrial enrichment fuel facility.”

September 21, 2009

that's pawful

On day two when I got reprimanded for saying “awesome” instead of “pawsome” and “very” instead of “beary” I knew I was in for a long summer.

The Worst Jobs I’ve Ever Had — The Bygone Bureau