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March 26, 2009

daikon radish

I braise the turnips in butter and white wine; I sauté the kale and collards with olive oil and sea salt; I wait until the parsley shrivels and then throw it out.

What to do with the kale, turnips, and parsley that overwhelm your CSA bin. - By Catherine Price - Slate Magazine

all the news, none of the paper

Women started grabbing me and throwing my whole body backwards into the crowd. I was shocked. All I was trying to do was throw my panties.

Loiterer About Town: Tom Jones at the Warfield: Culture/Entertainment: SFAppeal

March 4, 2009

a different way of organizing thought

… there was no choice. I was totally broke. So I didn’t have time to sit around pondering or thinking all this through. It was just done on a basic pure survival level. I did what I had to do.

Van Morrison on ‘Astral Weeks’ — you’ve got to hear it from him.