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January 6, 2009

obama's chart

You mentioned our President Elect. What do you see in his chart?

He’s got Aquarius rising, and in this coming year, Jupiter and Neptune and Chiron (a comet that in astrology charts symbolizes a deep wound and efforts to heal that wound) are all going to be passing over and around his ascendant, which is, I think, a sign of tremendous vitality and the ability to lead in ways that instigate vitality. It’s tricky, because the presence of Neptune says that whatever work he does has to have a spiritual angle. It can’t just be practical. It can’t just be materialistic. It has to have some invocation of people’s spiritual nature, and as you probably know, although he doesn’t advertise it in the same way Bush does, Obama is a deeply religious person. And I think that’s among the most interesting challenges. How does he do that? How does he play to the people’s spiritual longings at the same time that he is re-inventing the economic system?

Astrologer Rob Brezsny in the San Francisco Chronicle.