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July 23, 2008

dave hickey interview

Sometimes I get desperately depressed because I’m not cute anymore, or because I haven’t done what I said I would, but otherwise I’m OK. If I can get up, make coffee, look at the sunshine on the wall—hey. I don’t need a blow job before noon. I’m OK. And I think that most artists and writers—most of the ones that I know—are o-kay. They like to go into their studios, they like to see their friends, they like to chase girls or boys or whatever they chase. They were OK when they were a nobody, and now they’re OK when they’re somebody.

Dave Hickey, interviewed in The Believer. I’m reading his collection of essays, Air Guitar, right now, and I’m loving it. He’ll make you look at Vegas, Liberace and Norman Rockwell (among other things) in totally new ways.

July 19, 2008

Watchmen Movie


‘nuff said?

Kevin Kelley watches the watchmen

Watching the transformation is like discovering that one’s favorite teddy bear has fangs and a taste for human flesh. Before long, I’ll bet we’ll see squads of Segway cops in full riot gear running down fleeing demonstrators at some future anti-globalization demonstration.

Street Use: Guns on Segways

July 11, 2008

some perspective on the iPhone launch

This isn’t like getting tickets to a Fugazi reunion at the Black Cat; there will be plenty of iPhones to go around.

Rob Pegoraro says Don’t Run Out To Buy An iPhone Today