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April 28, 2008

radio lab

I got into storytelling very much through music, not through journalism. I was never good as a pure composer, but doing it in the service of storytelling somehow makes it so much easier. When you’ve got hours and hours of raw tape, it becomes a compositional exercise. To figure out what the story is, you try to approach it in terms of sound and texture. With musical composition, you want certain parts to be dense and others to be sparse. You’re thinking in terms of syncopation, beats, and rhythms. It’s very gestural, and it applies almost exactly to storytelling. Sometimes, you feel like a story is too regular, too metronomic. You can change a story’s “time signature,” so to speak, by creating little surprises and altering the rhythms on a micro level.

Jad Abumrad of Radio Lab talks with Boldtype.

April 27, 2008

"the sudden catastrophic restoration of meaning"

For the poor Christian Moslem Jewish saps duped by fundamentalist nihilism the Last Day is both horrorshow and Rapture, just as for secular Yuppies global warming is a symbol of terror and meaninglessness and simultaneously a rapturous vision of post-Catastrophe Hobbit-like local-sustainable solar-powered gemutlichkeit. Thus the technopathocracy comes equipped with its own built-in escape-valve fantasy: the Ragnarok of technology itself and the sudden catastrophic restoration of meaning.

MAGPIE: ENDARKENMENT MANIFESTO by Peter Lamborn Wilson. (Gemütlichkeit?)

April 24, 2008

i love brits

IDLER: Titles are important to you.

HIRST: I think they just come out of an urge for naming, it’s like naming your fucking baby. It’s like, you’re called Tom, and you can never separate that from you.

IDLER: Why do so many people do things which they call “Untitled”?

HIRST: It’s a big responsibility. You have to do what you’ve already done in the work in a verbal way, and if you’re a visual artist there’s not really any reason to do it. [picks nose, displays result]

IDLER: Nose-picking is a also great pleasure.

HIRST: Oh yeah. Anything you can do with your hands and feet. Great. Arse picking.

IDLER: Do you pick your arse?

HIRST: Er … I’ve messed about with it?

The Idler’s Tom Hodgkinson interviews artist Damien Hirst.

April 21, 2008

unreleased infocom sequel to hitchhiker's



Milliways: Infocom’s Unreleased Sequel to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy - Waxy.org

April 10, 2008

this is really funny